Popular Brisbane Wedding Musicians

18 Reviews

Andy has been performing for 25 years around Australia in everything from Hard Rock Bands to Pearl Jam and Aussie Rock Tribut

Dr Groove
12 Reviews

Dr Groove is the freshest and most energetic new Brisbane cover band on the Queensland live scene. Crafted by some

Jazz Central
66 Reviews

Jazz Central are a live jazz combo who perform in various combinations, from a duo through to a six piece band. From the divi

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Reviewed on 08th May 2017

Beach Boys Tribute Band

3 Reviews

All good numbers were down but they were fine. Regards

Reviewed on 01st May 2017

60s Tribute Show Brisbane

9 Reviews

Fantastic night with the Sixties show, crowd embraced them and got into the mood very q...

Reviewed on 01st May 2017


3 Reviews

We thank Adrian for his time and effort.  People really enjoyed the variety of music he...